A Passion since Childhood passed down from father to daughter
EST 1997

Design & Business Services

A mix between mom and dad with a little bit of Jesus

Growing up I’d watch my father do art.  He did old style graphic design for companies like Bob Evans. Then when I was in middle school he even let me help with some of the art work for projects such as a folder we did for a florescent lighting company.  In college our final project was to come up with a company or business and create it from the ground up; the name the product, logo and all of the identity from employee apparel to packaging.  My mom with a passion for nature and the great outdoors created a whole nother realm of ideas and interests.    In the end instead of choosing one side or another I decided to combine them. 

Building business from concept up, Here and There with Print design, Office design, or floral design, as well as Business services to Helping Organization & Game Plans through NCS as well as Charlotte's Affordable Tax & Consulting

Believe it or Not we have been around since 97 !

In WV somewhere around 97 NCS Graphics was born:
Photography and Brochure for a rodeo company
Worked with Newspapers on the side
Won a Logo competition for MACnet associated with the tristate newspaper MACPA ( that was in 99)
Worked with an Arizona golf cart company on an ad,logo, and another AZ business on mock ups for product labels
Graphic work for VA corporate business one being a gov’t contractor
Moved to MN where NCS Graphics became NCS Graphics & Technologies lLc (Team effort hubby hard coded websites and set up servers while I did the design work for webpages and print):
Clients consisted of Dealerships, County Historical Societies, Cattle Business, Habitat for Humanity, and a stable/horse trainer.
We had a column in the newspaper , who knows you may see it pop up again here in NC lol
Moved to NC dibbled in design work but not under the business name so I could focus on family.
CATA band concert items
Church print items (a whole binder full)
Some print items for a NC REALTOR who worked with REMAX at the time
Gaston Realtor Association magazine mock up so they could sell spots for the real deal to raise money.
Kids grew up and I brought the business officially to NC:
After School Program Print Materials
Charlotte Tax business
Charlotte Notary business
Local Embroidery Business
Business services for a couple local companies as well

Where will your business fit on this list?